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4+ lives p/m5+ recordings$2000+ p/m
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I’m a full-time trader living in Canada and I’m passionate about mentoring others to do the same. I’ve been trading equities for 12 years and cryptocurrencies for 6 years. I specialize in daytrading and swing trading reversals using cryptocurrencies on leverage as well as cryptocurrency portfolio management. I love working with serious future traders who aren’t afraid of hard work and practice. When I’m not trading, I’m either painting, riding and showing my horse, with my 3 dogs or travelling.

Adam Gordon

weekly lives3+ recordings$500+ p/m
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LiveLink has been great for allowing me to start my journey of educating others about photography. Their platform is very easy to use (for both the teacher and student) and is very simplistic with collecting payment and sending out all necessary emails before the Live. This allows me to fully focus on the content I want to teach my students!


When I tell you this is so perfect, this is exactly what I need. I was already sold after seeing what other creators on your platform have done.


I’ve never had this type of experience from any other company before. It makes us want to make content even more.


Editing and recording is very time-consuming. I find I’m coaching less, and my content suffers as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if I completely transform my business to LiveLink within 6 months.


The idea is great, but the way that you do it is genius with all the marketing that you do.


This is phenomenal. I'm a definite yes to this.

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